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First Match: Saturday, May 14 vs Spring Creek and Akron Blackstockings


The Cleveland Blues Base Ball Club is a Vintage Base Ball Club out of Cleveland Ohio, and patterned after the Cleveland Blues Base Ball Club of the National League (1878-1884), playing by 1860-1878 base ball rules.

Below you'll find current news about the Cleveland Blues including our next event. Please take a look around to learn more about vintage base ball, the equipment used in the 1860s, the historical Blues and the modern Blues. We hope to see you at a match this summer!

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Western Reserve Cup Becoming a Staple of Lakewood Park Summer Events

It's a tale as old as time. Every spring the temperatures begin to rise, the last of the snow melts, and the trees begin to blossom. Then, it snows at least once more and North East Ohioans question why they are still here, after all these years, dealing with this weather.

But once that final snow melts (for real this time) and the birds begin to chirp every morning and the grass becomes the dark shade of green perfect for base ball, they all know why they stay. Because spring will shortly give way to summer; and summer in North East Ohio is a magical time. There's nothing like it anywhere. People begin to flock to the pool, the lake, Cedar Point, and the ball park. Whether that ball park is Progressive Field to catch the Indians, or a local sandlot, base ball is finally back and that is what we endure those long cold winters.

Summer in Lakewood Park is equally as magical as anywhere in the Cleveland area. There's the city pool and twilight walks along the cliffs of Lake Erie with the Cleveland skyline as a backdrop. There are concerts and Forth of July fireworks.

Then of course, there's base ball. City teams of all ages meet on the dirt infidels like Old Stone House Field throughout the summer. And If you show up on the right weekend, you might just catch a vintage base ball match breaking out on the lawn. Even with the trees in the outfield, this is the way baseball was meant to be played. Find an open area big enough for a 90' x 90' diamond, 18 or more ballists, and have a gentlemanly contest with food and cold drinks afterwards. 

Early every summer a new event is taking hold in Lakewood Park: The Western Reserve Cup. It's a vintage base ball contest featuring 4 clubs from the Western Reserve putting on exhibitions of 1860s era base ball and hoping to earn the right to be called Western Reserve Cup champions for another year. This summer the clubs will be at Lakewood Park on June 25 playing two matches at a time on Old Stone House field and in the lawn across the driveway. The Western Reserve Cup, and all vintage base ball matches at Lakewood Park are free. Cranks (spectators) are encouraged to bring lawn chairs or blankets and enjoy base ball the way it was meant to be played.

Blues to Host Lah De Dahs in Home Opener

May 7 the Cleveland Blues will host the talented Lah De Dahs of Greenfield Village in Dearborn Michigan at Lakewood Park for their home opener. The Lah De Dahs have a history of playing very spirited matches vs the Blues that are always entertaining. They are one of the more dedicated clubs in the VBBA putting on matches every Saturday and Sunday throughout the entire summer at their home grounds, which is a part of the Henry Ford Museum complex. Few, if any, clubs play as many matches as the Lah De Dahs. Their dedication to the game helps give guests of Greenfield Village a unique, memorable, and consistent experience no matter when they visit the village. Weather permitting, you'll always find the Lah De Dahs tossing the onion and swinging the willows. They manage this unique feat by sheer volume. Their club is large enough to field a team at the museum every weekend and take part in matches at other clubs' parks. This large roster is what make playing them so great; you'll never see the same club, but always a familiar face.

Blues to Kick-off Season in Arizona

With the 2017 season just around the corner and winter in Cleveland hanging on just a little bit longer, the Blues will start this year off just like the American League Champion Cleveland Indians: by playing spring training in Arizona.

Because of the extreme heat of the summer, and mildness of the winter, the Arizona vintage teams are just finishing up their season in March, still about two months before the start of the typical Ohio vintage season. So, what a great opportunity to get a jump on the season here, meet some new friends and see how they play in the desert. Over the weekend of March 4-5, the Blues will set up camp in Glendale just 17 miles from where the Indians play spring training in Goodyear.

On Saturday, the Blues will face the the Fort Verde Excelsiors and Prescott Champions as well as the Glendale Gophers at Fort Verde State Historic Park. On Sunday, they will play the Tucson Saguaros and Bisbee Black Sox as well as the Phoenix Senators and Bisbee Bees.

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